A Half Marathon in Pyongyang

Updated April 28, 2014

For the first time in 27 years North Korea invited foreign amateur runners to participate in the annual Mangyongdae Cup race, aka the Pyongyang Marathon (I ran the half marathon). You can find my account of the event here at NK News.


Pyongyang nightPyongyang from the Yanggakdo Hotel.

Pyongyang morningMorning of the race.

Juche Tower morningLand of Morning Freshness.

Ryugyong Hotel of DoomRyugyong Hotel of Doom.

Pyongyang side streetStreets waking up…

Side street

Side street 2

Street bridge stairs

Street bridge

Men with bikes

Boy on cellphoneBoy on a cellphone.

Men at small shop

Traffic LadyPyongyangTrafficGirls.com (SFW)

Kim Il Sung StadiumKim Il Sung Stadium.

Marching band on the wayMarching band on the way to the stadium

Marathon posterOfficial marathon poster.

kids runningCrowds coming in.

Kids at the stadiumWaiting in front of the stadium.

Lining upHalf marathoners gathered at the entrance.

Waiting to go inFull marathoners. The roar of 40,ooo people coming through that portal.

Welcome bannerSidelines of the field inside Kim Il Sung Stadium.

Soldiers and crowd

At the finish lineWatching for runners near the finish line.

almost thereAlmost there!

Almost there 2

coming to the finish

Coach and runner

Crowd exiting 2Crowd in the stadium.

Band and crowd

Crowd at the sidelines

DPRK jackets

Award ceremony 2Award ceremony…

Award ceremony 3

Award ceremony 4

Award ceremony 5

Award ceremony

Guy being interviewedGuy being interviewed.

DPRK at the finishDPRK for the win.

DPRK at the finish 2

fifadotcomThis seemed out of place since no one here can look at Fifa.com.

DPRK team sitting

DPRK team in the shade

Judges at the finish lineJudges at the finish line.

Judges at the finish line 2

Football teamPyongyang football team. There was a match between the start of the race and the award ceremony.

Football team at the sideline

Judges and guide


Lone soldier

Lone boy

Man and time carsCars keeping the marathon time.

Zimbabwe at the finishZimbabwe at the finish.

Zimbabwe and NambiaThe pros from Zimbabwe and Nambia.

Woman at the finish

Man at the finish

Swedes at the finishSwedes finishing strong.

Runners chillin out

Crowd exiting

Crowd exiting 2

Foreign runners exiting

Crowd leavingCrowds leaving…


Crowd leaving 3

crowd leaving 2

Cops and crowd

Face in the crowdFace in the crowd?

Cop on motorcycle 2

Beijing cabsBeijing cabs.”

Mass danceMass dancing for the Eternal President’s birthday.

Working on the street 2Community service…

Working on the street



Use any photos you’d like. But if you do, please link back to this page.

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